Web Design

From lead generation to ecommerce and beyond, we infuse user-friendly, functional design elements with stunning imagery. Two independant coordinates which provide their greatest satisfaction when experienced simultaneously.

Graphic Design

Design should never be an afterthought. Design concepts need a strong backbone, creative imagination and beautiful imagery to tell the full story. We blend creativity, strong design concepts with striking imagery to create a lasting impression.


Words are powerful, they have their own unique construction. In many ways, they are like a lens which brings into focus your story in the right tone and voice, expressing emotion and drive to move your customers in a way which causes them to act.


Your brand is a metaphorical story that connects with consumers in a very fundamental way, delving deeper than we imagine; offering a set of expectations, stories and relationships to guide consumers’. We construct the stories which build lasting brands.

What Our Clients Say

“We had a great experience working with the team at Steel Blue Media.  They took the time to listen to my goals and ideas for the project and came up with a great design concept.  They were professional, delivered the product on time and stayed within my budget. Diane took my vision and turned it into reality”.

Laurie P.

“Diane Nelson is simply amazing. Not only is she my client, but she is my friend. I have worked with Diane, and she provides both a beautiful and smart product, excellent service and has one of the best creative business minds I know. I am more than pleased with her services and highly recommend her. You will not be sorry!”

Betty Most

Betty Most Agency

“Steel Blue Media created our homeowner newsletter and we were very happy with the end product.  The content, photos, design, and layout were exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with! They were professionals from start to finish”.

Two Rivers Community Landtrust

Are You Ready to Generate More Leads and Gain Brand Recognition?


Adjusting Digital Media Strategies in a Changing Business Climate

For marketers, the resulting shift in the business landscape has required us to review our previous strategies and make adjustments that will allow our clients to continue thriving in the wake of unforeseen circumstances.

How Keyword Targeting Can Increase Web Traffic

Keyword targeting is a great way to determine the source of your most valuable web traffic.

Mathematician John Horton Conway, known for inventing the ‘Game of Life,’ dies at age 82

John Horton Conway, a legendary mathematician who stood out for his love of games and for bringing mathematics to the masses,

9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Web Designer⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tips to make your website design project a little easier:

Instagram Impressions, Explained in 100 Words or Less

If you’re using Instagram as part of your social media strategy, you’ve definitely come across the concept of impressions. But what exactly are impressions? How accurately do they indicate success? And how do they differ from reach, another very similar Instagram metric?

How to Calculate Your Business’s Break Even Point

You’ve heard the term “break even.” It’s a popular way to describe a time when you spent exactly as much money as you made. “We gambled $200 at the casino and won $200, so we broke even.”

But in a business context, it’s not that simple. Your break-even point doesn’t just happen in Vegas, and needs to be constantly recalculated for you to turn a profit in the long term. Here’s how to find it.

5 Reasons Why Digital Media is Killing TV Advertising

in 2019, digital ad spending will surpass TV ad spend, and traditional ad spend, for the first time ever. It’s also projected that by 2023, digital will exceed two-thirds of total media spending.  Why the shift?

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